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Welcome to MyEarlyPlanForRetirement.com.

Thank you for taking your time visiting my website; I am Luis from Swaziland, the creator and owner of My Early Plan For Retirement.

My mission is to help you live a comfortable and financially free lifestyle in your “Golden Years”.

I have worked 14 years in the Financial Planning Industry helping 100s of people create and protect their wealth and to better prepare for their retirement.

I felt that I was limited to the geographical area around me and wanted to help more and more people; so what better way to do this than to start a website, My Early Plan For Retirement.

This has made it possible to help guide anyone for a better future and retirement, guiding people on how to save for retirement, help increase or supplement their retirement income through jobs or money making opportunities.

A Little Back Story

While growing up I enjoyed a typical fun and exciting child’s life and lived for today and not thinking much about my future because that is what children do.

Now being a single father to my 10 year old daughter, living with and looking after her full time, has made me realize that we all need to always plan ahead, for example, what am I cooking for us for dinner, does she have enough school stationary, make sure I’m following her sports timetable (not forgetting her exam timetable), etc, etc.

While our responsibilities will change as life rolls on, but life’s inevitable will never change, for example retirement. I’ve spent my whole life seeing my dad work all his life and living and caring for today and neglecting or procrastinating about tomorrow, now the inevitable has come, retirement, and he finds himself not prepared for it.

You see we spend all our lives thinking abut how we are going to make today better that we inadvertently forget that there is always tomorrow and fail to plan properly for it.

After seeing the stress that my father has gone through realising that he didn’t plan towards his retirement I made it my mission to make sure that I know exactly how I am going to plan for retirement today and not wait until it is too late and not able to do anything about it.

Creating Awareness of Your Future

Most young employees are so excited and relieved about finally getting a job, in this highly competitive world, that most of them only think about how they are going to spend their money at the end of the month; the nice new clothes, that weekend away that was always out of reach, entertain freinds, etc.

This can go on for many years until they find the love of their lives and get married and then have children. Then suddenly the priorities change from the nice to haves to getting the essentials; diapers, prams, day care, formula, etc. Then it is school fees as well. What happens is that our budgets are forever evolving and changing to meet our current needs, to ensure that our wants and needs are satisfies today.

Most of us can relate to this including myself but when I became a single dad and looking after my daughter alone I had a change of mentality, I couldn’t only live for today, I also had to look ahead into the future. Planning ahead was just as important as making sure that my future was taken care of because I needed to make sure that I gave my daughter the best opportunity possible that I was ablet to afford for her.

This also made me realise that I needed to ensure that I had the best possible life that I could afford for myself. You see we spend all our lives thinking about how we are going to make life as comfortable as possible for today and to ensure that our loved ones have a bright comfortable future that we forget about our future, that is our retirement years.

When we start to focus on retiring as comfortably as possible we suddenly realise that we need to have a lot of assets and funds saved up to satisfy this need. I personallly only started saving towards my retirement in my 30s and this was almost to late.

You see the the sooner we start saving and planning towards our retirement the better. That means taking care of our health today and putting money away so that we can enjoy our health and money in the future.

My Mission With MyEarlyPlanForRetirement.com

I wish to help young and older people not only achieve and protect their current needs and wants but to also create awareness and to guide them towards planning for a comfortable retirement. Trying to help people to maintain their standard of living that they are used to well into their retirement years.

I am going to show you the importance of having a retirement plan and how to make a retirement plan. This includes advising you on how much to put away every month to generate your desired income at retirement.

My Early Plan for Retirement will also guide you and advise you how to make more money before and during retirement.

If you are already saving towards your retirement are you on track to make sure that you retire as comfortably as possible. Don’t worry if you are not sure how much you will need at retirement I will show you.

I don’t only focus on how much money you will need saved up at retirement. Where you will live at retirement is just as important. I will also guide you on how to maintain a healthy and active life ensuring that you stay away from the Dr. as much as possible because medical expenses can be and and are very high.

Join me on showing you the path towards a stress free retirement. Don’t wait too long because time can go by in the blink of an eye and before you know it retirement is just around the corner. Don’t be caught off guard and leave retirement planning too late. Start planning today, even if you are just starting your first paid job.

Let’s make your retirement dreams a reality. Retire with the freedom that you will deserve. Let’s make it happen.




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